#110 - The Camper is Gone … and how we handle plans not working out

The Camper is Gone … and how we handle plans not working out [One Delightful Podcast #110]

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on today's show: sad day - we sold the camper and so have a conversation about how to handle life when things don’t go as planned, then we end with what do you recommend.

what do you recommend? 

Philip: local restaurant chain: Serenitee

Katie: be a cool mom: leopard print vans // another cool mom shoe option

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Well, it’s a sad day today over at the Bowling household. The camper ended up being much more than we bargained for. We took it to an RV shop to have it checked out. When we told him about our restoration plans he basically laughed and said, “You need to sell this right now because you’re in way over your heads.” So, we sold the camper … and with it a little piece of our dream died.

How do you handle things not going as planned? How do you handle a vision not working out? As we walked through this process, we found out that we handle it different ways. Katie needs time to be sad and process. Philip needs to immediately create a new plan to latch on to. For both of us, failing at something leads us to want to give up. But, what does it look like for something not to work out, the future to remain uncertain, but still have hope? That’s what we talk about today.

We’d love to hear from you: how do you handle a dream not working out?

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