#109 - The Camper is Here ... and other ways we try to cope with transition

how we cope with transition

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On today's show: we talk about the camper that is now in our driveway, have a conversation about how to handle times of uncertainty in life, and end with what do you recommend.

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what do you recommend? 

Philip: new show on Netflix: Stay Here

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Well, we did it.

After a harrowing 13 hour drive (that should have only taken 9), Philip made it back with the ‘75 Airstream that is now parked on an angle in our driveway. It’s awesome, needs work, and we still don’t know 100% what we’re doing with it!

We have a lot going on in our lives: change in jobs, starting a new shop, adopting a child, trying to simplify, and really trying to figure out what’s next for us. It’s a time of uncertainly and transition. How do you handle life in a time of uncertainty and transition?

Maybe some of how we handle it comes down to the story we tell ourselves about our life. As people, we’re always trying to create narratives, or stories, out of the pieces of life that are going on around us. And that’s where we have a choice, do we take the pieces of our life to tell a story with a bad ending, that ends with failure and leads us to be full of fear and anxiety. Or, do we take the same pieces of our life to tell a story with a happy ending, that leads with things working out ok (or better!), that leads us to be full of hope for the future.

Maybe its our survival instincts, but it seems like our default position is to drift toward the ‘bad ending story’ for our lives - especially when things are uncertain. But why? Especially for me and Katie, who are people of faith who believe in a God who always is looking out for us and taking care of us, why would we automatically assume in times of uncertainty that things aren’t going to work out ok?

On today’s podcast, we talk about three things we are trying to do to live into the story of our lives that we can be hopeful about.

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