five yard sale mistakes to avoid

5 yard sale mistakes to avoid

So this Saturday I decided to somewhat on a whim have a yard sale. We are simplifying, but I also am cheap so I don’t want things that I spent money on to go to waste. (plus, I might need some money to fill in the gaps of things I decluttered ;) )

 Maybe you are thinking about a way to clear out some clutter & making a little money would help give you a push to do that. Often, we don’t want to clear out possessions we don’t use because we feel guilty that we spent money on them and feel like we should put them to use. I have a major guilt complex about getting rid of things I might need some day or have the tiniest amount of sentimental value. Soooo if I can make a little money while decluttering, it makes me feel better about the process. 

Here are 5 things I wish I had done to make our Yard Sale more of a success

  1. List everything of value on Facebook Marketplace a few days before. Facebook Marketplace feels like the new Craig’sList to me. Its easily accessible and you can see the photos of the items quickly. At the yard sale, I had people offer me very low prices for items I could have sold a lot more for online. (i.e. someone offered me $3 for a kid's toy and I said no, listed it online for $10 & sold it!) This will give you the opportunity to sell it for more & if you do end up selling something super cheap at a yard sale, you won’t feel as bad about it because you had tried to sell it for more already. 
  2. Say no to super low prices. Yard Sale junkies are CHEAP, but you have to decide what is worth more to you...your time or getting money. I had a lady walk out the door with a bag of clothing for $20. I could have sold those clothes on Poshmark for $100 or more. 
  3. Make a Yard Sale your last resort unless your goal is really just to get rid of things & make a few bucks. Back to my comment about time vs. money. If I first listed things on Marketplace or poshmark I would have been fine selling things that didn't sell at a yard sale for cheap.  If you can't tell, I have a lot of yard sale regret that I'll need to talk to a therapist about ...
otter box phone case at the yard sale

4. Simplify Pickup from online sales by combining it with the yard sale event. If I sell something online, I hate coordinating the pickup. If it becomes complicated & I was only going to make a few bucks off it - I'd rather just skip it.  If you do sell online, see if you can have people pick up at the time of the yard sale. You are all set up anyway - much easier than arranging a pick up time. 

5. Don’t go to Target after & blow all your yard sale money. Things you buy new lose their value once they're used. If there are things you are okay with buying used, consider looking for it at a thrift store, yard sale, etc first. 



jk jk. I did have someone that offered me a lot of money for my shoes if I could guarantee they smell. Then he claimed he had a foot fetish. It will get weird. Just say no - buh bye. 

5 yard sale mistakes to avoid
xo, katie