one delightful style tribe

Do you love instagram? Do you love one delightful shop? 

We have an exciting opportunity for you to get some free products in your hands just for sharing about our little shop! We launched our clothing & accessories shop of made in the USA items a little less than a month ago and have some exciting new things coming for this fall. 

As we prepare for fall, we are starting the search for a few of our Instagram-loving friends to be selected for the one delightful style tribe.

perks of being in our one delightful style tribe

+ Free item of your choice from our shop for every month you are selected & early access to new items

+ 10% off any other purchases for yourself

+ affiliate link for you to share with your peeps earning you cash money back in your pocket

how to enter the one delightful style tribe search:

+ Must follow @onedelightfulshop on IG & have a public account

+ Tag 1-3 of your photos with #odstribe so i can find you

+ choose photos that give me a sense of your personal style & vibe of your account

+ Leave a comment on ig to let me know a little about you or tag a friend that might be interested

+ Search ends July 22nd when i will select the ods tribe


fine print EXPECTATIONS if chosen as part of our style tribe

  • Permission to share any photos you take of yourself and ODS products on any of our social media accounts or website (you will receive photo credit)

  • Thoughtful sharing of our products that fits your brand & ours (the more photos you share of ODS products, the more likely I will share your photo and link to your account, but no guarantee that I will share your photos) 

  • Minimum of two photos on your instagram photos & stories within the month of receiving product from me with my handle @onedelightfulshop tagged in the photo and the comments

  • More details will be spelled out as the search closes

Excited to hear from you! Please don't disqualify yourself just because you have small following. I would love to work with people that are sincerely interested in partnering together :) 


P.S. If you are not chosen as a stylist - please know we love you & are just choosing a few. We will have an affiliate program available soon open to anyone interested & will be re-evaluating our stylists every season.

what is one delightful shop?

one delightful shop sign letter board

As I am simplifying my the things, I wanted to share with you the direction we are headed with One Delightful Shop. First off, we don't know 100%.  We are on a journey to figure out what its going to look like to run a shop that helps people find clothes they feel amazing about while also remaining committed to helping others find simplicity in life and in our closets.

Allowing this to be a slow process of figuring out what is next has allowed us to dream more than I would have imagined. I am grateful that it has helped our vision to shift as we have it given it time, which is why we are slow to say 'this is what we are doing.' 

If you are in our facebook community, you are seeing us process simplifying to our messy lives. I started with our kitchen & now am working my way through my clothing & accessories.  I still love fun, comfortable clothing with a conscious ... I just want to have less of them and to feel good about myself in everything I own. As we have started to dream, what's become clear is our desire to keep One Delightful Shop open with these value I just mentioned in mind. 

bell sleeve top over black dress

Being a mostly stay-at-home mom (well, more like work-at-home mom), I like comfortable clothing. I don't need a lot of dressy things, but I like comfortable clothes that makes me feel beautiful and stylish. Because so much of my brain space is devoured by my work and my little minions, I need easy to assemble outfits so that I don't end up wearing the shirt I slept in the night before everyday. 

I know need a few accessories that make me feel fancy...

or can accessories that can take a causal outfit and dress it up a little bit for a date night. 

But I still want to be comfortable in those things.

Ya dig me? 

Maybe this describes your life or maybe you work outside of the home, but you still need those kind of pieces in your wardrobe.

so...We are beginning to curate a shop like this

+ we can't wait to show you some of the things we've been preparing for you very soon!

curating simple, beautiful clothes you can feel great in


functional + versatile.

comfortable, but fun!

made in the USA. 

& we hope you will love it! 

P.S.  If you love the simplicity experiment, don't worry!

We are continuing on our journey toward a simplified life that leaves space for what matters most.  

One Delightful Shop is a part of this journey + we hope the two will overlap nicely.  Here's to a simplified life + closet!