Courage, Dear Heart: How do we build a life around our priorities?.


Our podcast has become a kind of free counseling for us. We are processing life as mid-thirty-something people that want to live to the full and not settle for life just happening to us. It sounds so cliche…but if we don’t stop and consider what we really want from our life - sometimes life just starts to happen, leaving you to find yourself someday as a person you never intended to become doing something you never intended to do for the long term.

This year has been huge for our really trying to zero in on what are priorities are and organizing our lives around them.

How do we build a life around our priorities?

This kind of thinking takes risk & courage. It feels weird to not just maintain the status quo. It feels irresponsible to make life decisions based on what we think our priorities are rather than just getting a job for the sake of getting a job.

In Gary Keller’s book ‘The One Thing’, he writes that figuring out the ONE thing that is most important to get done - the one thing that will do the most to help you achieve what you are heading toward in life or business - is the essential thing to figure out in order to successfully live according to your priorities. My husband and I both really enjoyed this book (but I don’t know that we have mastered this concept yet).

prioritizing your priorities /

The Prioritizing your priorities worksheet in our printable library might help you if you are processing the same thing.
We personally, settled on three things in our family life & future that we wanted to serve as filters through which to process what we want to do in our next phase of life and the kind of people we want to become:

  • We want to live simply, but while leaving room for fun. We like minimalism - but want to enjoy life!

  • We want to live in community (we want to do life with friends, family & neighbors - not live in isolation)

  • We want to keep a healthy work/life balance (we want to work - but we want to be able to be together as a family and not let work consume us)

Join the conversation on our podcast this week. And stay tuned to One Delightful Creative where are hope is to offer design services that help you create spaces in your home and life that remind you of what’s most important in life and leave room to enjoy it!

We made the Courage, Dear Heart print line over in the shop as a reminder to take courage and keep moving forward towards living out for what’s most important in life.

We’d love to hear if you have gone through a reflection process or are intentionally living for what matters most to you.