The Painted Piano


We (errr…I) finally decided to paint my hand-me-down family piano. I am so grateful for the gift of our family piano - but I always wished it fit my aesthetic is a little more.

There are lots of reasons not to paint a piano. It may distort the tuning is the main one I know of. We have not followed most piano rules - we keep our piano on an exterior wall & haven’t had it tuned in years. Because we are not planning on becoming pianists and with my mom’s blessing - I decided to go to it.


Chalk paint supposedly requires very little sanding. So I decided to just give it a good wipe down & go for it. I did not use a special brush. I found Chalkpaint at Home Depot because I really wanted to move forward quickly on my process. I also did not seal it because I want to possibly paint it another color in the future.

Products Used

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