The Simplicity Experiment + One Delightful Shop

I know this may sound silly, but one of the things I worry about most lately is being deceptive. I really care about pleasing people and have realized how much that matters to me. I am an enneagram six if you know what that means - which has helped me to understand how important this is to me.

As we closed our lularoe shop in order to pursue simplicity and our hearts, I really wanted to be transparent. I need to be doing something more consistent with who I am. 

We (my husband and I) have been sharing about journey to simplicity our lives and make more room for things that matter to us most. At the same time, I like clothing, I have enjoyed selling clothing for the past few years. One of the results of that desire has been reopening our shop with clothing that we feel like is practical, but delightful shop.


As I started to really dig into my heart, it kept coming up that I struggle with the knowledge the fashion can be one of the greatest waste producers in the world and can be a very abusive industry in production. For now, that has been meant we are sourcing clothes made in the US because that is one way we can have some accountability that the clothes were made with integrity. If we source outside of the US, we will try our best to make sure its ethically made.

And I love free shipping. I hate paying shipping so I don't want you to have to. 

one delightful shop | made in the USA clothing, accessories

If you like our mission, we would be so honored if you would want to follow along with our endeavors as we try to figure this out. When people ask what we are doing lately, we are kind of like, we don't 100% know...

I hope if you like the pursuit of simplicity & our simplicity experiment, you will be encouraged and challenged as a HOT MESS (I don't use that term lightly) attempts to do this. If you find our clothing line fits something you are looking for, we would love to help you find something that fits your style and makes you feel good in your skin.

If you are following along quietly....we are just so GRATEFUL you are here & are striving for transparency as we figure out holding simplicity + creating a shop looks like. So just wanted to say thank you. 

P.S. As a small thank you, if you would like to share our shop with a friend that you think might like our community or our shop - use code FRIEND to get 10% off your first order. Referrals mean so much to us! Thank you!!