how a balanced wardrobe can make life simplier

basics + flair. 

Can I be real? 

Sometimes when I see posts about minimalism + clothing, I want to throw-up. 

minimalism + fashion = SOUNDS SO BLAH...I know that's a bold statement.  

I'm sure some people LOVE the idea of being a hard-line minimalist. But for me...I just love the thought of total minimalism or a capsule wardrobe makes me cringe. 

I would say I tend towards abundance more than minimalism, but I don't love clutter ... the clutter is making me crazy. This distaste of clutter, along with being convinced that less stuff and a simpler life is definitely what is best for me and my family, has forced me to streamline my closet ... some.  But as I am simplifying my closet, I know that what I need to stick with this simplicity thing is for my clothes to be a mix of basics + fun. Depending on your style, you probably can't make a whole outfit of LOUD pieces. You need mostly basics, but with some fun flair pieces mixed in.  In my closet, I feel like a mix of both helps create a fun and realistic wardrobe.

one delightful shop | basics + flair

if you are in your 30's you may remember office space

...and i too love a little bit of flair. 

I know for me - the kind of fun pieces I am drawn to are things like leopard print, stripes, the occasional polka dot or floral piece, but these pieces do me no good without basic pieces to pair with it. 

If you are cleaning out your closet, I suggest considering what 'flair' pieces have a something to match with it. 

The basics are your bread + butter.  They're reliable.  They look good, but are not trying to steal the show. 

They feel great, but don't try to stand out.  Without them everything falls apart. 

Your flair pieces are the stand outs.

What does a simple (but realistic) wardrobe look like?  Mostly basics, with a little bit of flair mixed in.

What are your basics?  What's your flair? A little of each of these can create a simple, but fun seasonal wardrobe. 

Here at One Delightful Shop, we want to work hard to give you a little of both!

Stay tuned for Monday's launch wearing we will be offering some great staple, classic pieces. All soft and comfortable for everyday wear. 

But with some fun flair mixed in too!