How to get through the Holidays without Punching Someone in the Face

how to get through the holidays without punching someone in the face / one delightful podcast

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For short bullet points…

  1. Plan!

    • Look at your schedule now. As a couple, we have a weekly meeting to look at our calendars, but this is especially true at the holidays.  Consider picking a WORD you want to dwell on during the holidays.

  2. Make a Holiday Bucket List

    • Don’t make it too long so you feel bad when you don’t do these things, but this may help you more task oriented family members - like my husband. It gives you grace to do these things when you get around to them.

  3. Decorate for the winter not just christmas!

    • Great ideas from The Lazy Genius

    • Pick decorations that can transfer from November - January with just switching out a few things.

  4. Shop early.

    • Maybe you want to make amazon lists at the year goes on to add things as you think of it.

    • The last minute guilt gift purchases are usually the worst & expensive.

    • Think about February when you give

  5. Sabbath

    • try to intentionally rest on day - especially during the holidays! It will make you more productive on your work days too.

  6. 12 days of Christmas.

    • What if Christmas Day wasn’t the end of the celebration, but just the beginning?! I always feel guilty about not feeling Christmasy enough come Christmas - & I hate how it is supposed to be done early. I think we have it wrong. Look for a future podcast where we will talk more about this.

This is just scratching the surface - check our podcast for more thoughts!

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