must have for an at home business

photo by kellyn boyden  //  letterfolk letterboard  is one of my favorite accessories

photo by kellyn boyden // letterfolk letterboard is one of my favorite accessories

I thought I would share some of my favorite tools + things for running a business from my home. Some of these will depend on what kind of business you are running, but as an etsy & squarespace seller these have been the most helpful things to me.

There are so many easy ways to shop these days…AHHEM - amazon, target, etc. SO EASY!

If a person is choosing to shop handmade with you or just with you in general, they are making a choice to do that when something else might be more convenient.

Here are a few things to personalize + professionalize your shop to give your customers a positive experience + make things run more seamless for you as you may be squeezing in work time while your kids are sleeping.

work time

I have been working from home for almost eight years and seven of those have been with kids. I occasionally have a sitter so I could get a little work done. I cannot say enough good things about having a set of bluetooth headphones so that you can tune out whatever is happening - since you do have a sitter after all.

Now my kids are often at school while I’m working, but I still love these headphones - walking, working out…while working…there are so many ways to connect to bluetooth and I love these.

P.S. I would have got this version, but didn’t know if I was cool enough for them and chickened out.

workspace / one delightful shop / @onedelightfulshop

letterboard from above here // get yourself a pegboard at home depot - great functional + inspiring space


I use my iphone for a lot of photos, especially when I was selling Lularoe and moving a lot of product quickly. If you are usually a photo that you can reuse - brightening it, using a higher quality lense attachment - like this one is a great option.


I love some personal touches to make packages special. Here are a few things things I have enjoyed.

Shipping tags is something i have used for years & love having as a part of my packaging. I’m glad they don’t seem to be out of style yet.

shipping tags // packaging / one delightful shop /

I make my stamps using a stamp site like - but I feel like getting the Ipad pro & procreate app - its been so much more to add a real personally touch with hand-lettering.

packaging / one delightful shop

I also loooove washi tape. There are so many great uses for washi tape. Not all washi tape is equal. Some have very little stick to them. MT is one brand I have been happy with. I also like 3m brand as well (pictured and linked above).

ship from home

This is a beautiful thing + a must! You save money by printing labels at home (they charge less online than at the PO) & its a time saver. You can even order for FREE shipping supplies from the post office (priority mailers).

To ship from home, you’ll need a scale to know how much things weigh - I have had this scale for years and have not had any problems with it.

This Dymo Printer is not a MUST, but it is a great time saver & great luxury item if you are shipping enough items to need one. I love that it doesn’t need ink & it prints super fast. It also gives a professional look to your packages.

Every once in a while your dymo will act weird and this is the best tool I have found to get it to start working correctly again. DYMO also suggests you use their labels - so I always have though I know others do not and have not had problems.

If you are not going to get a dymo printer, these labels are a good time saver.

I love fun mailers like these. There are so many fun options on amazon!

Choosing a Platform

If you are just starting out, etsy is a great place to be on for handmade or supply shops. Many people are familiar with it and have accounts for easy shopping. BUT you can also get lost in the crowd & you do not want to send your customers to etsy. I have always had both running, but have usually directed customers to my own site. I have used big cartel in the past and am currently on squarespace. Shopify is awesome & has a ton of great features too!

Etsy also gives you the ability to ship from their system which I think is a great feature as well.

Those are these things that jump out at me!

I’m sure there are more & I’ll try to update this list as I think of them.


**these do contain some affiliate links / but I love & highly recommend all of these products and receive a small credit for sharing them.